18 Dec 2014

Dinner with Super Stars at Chart House, Honolulu


What a fun night. Somehow we were invited to a dinner for 10, celebrating two birthdays. Every person (except us) was a bona fide super star in his field. We had two academy award winners, the owner of the biggest/best restaurant in Orange County, CA, the world’s most famous surfboard maker (the only famous one?) and Chart House owners Yana Deaton and her husband, surfer legend, Joey Cabell



Years ago Cabell founded Chart House Restaurants, sold the rest of them off where they became another mediocre/ok public restaurant chain. He kept the one in Honolulu, which he opened in 1968 and it has been famous and fabulous ever since.



Even if you forget about the food (which you can’t), the ambiance and service make it all worthwhile.



Of course there is no way Allyn wouldn’t be lighting her Hanukkah candles, even there. We just brought along our menorah.

15 Dec 2014

Honolulu, 2014


So here we are back at the Royal Hawaiian for holiday time.

Allyn and I came a week earlier than the kids and grand kids to be certain that Waikiki is still here. :)

08 Dec 2014 Fouls up and Mans up Big Time

In case you have been on a desert island for an extended stay, the hottest thing in sports fun and betting is fantasy sports, particularly daily fantasy sports.


A couple major players dominate this industry, but that might change now with a major new contender, Fantasy Draft. They will be doing everything right.


Unfortunately this weekend they did it so right that their servers were jammed and the site failed for hours.


You can understand why. They had three contests, $5, $10, and $25 that guaranteed $50,000, $100,000 and $250,000 respectively. They needed 10,000 players each just to break even.


Because of the problems, they only had about 4,000 players. The not only are honoring all of their guarantees, but ADDITIONALLY they are returning all entry fees to people who were not winners.


That is strong, impressive, and professional.


That first weekend $300,000 hit that they are taking will probably make them millions.


Sign up here – and get your picks in early.

Note to my Washington friends - It is not legal there. Silly laws. 





07 Dec 2014

Bocelli at MGM Grand Arena for Allyn’s BIG Birthday


How fortuitous that Allyn was celebrating her BIG birthday the same weekend as her vary favorite singer, Andrea Bocelli, was performing for one night at The MGM Grand Arena.


Both of her kids and her best friend popped in to help her celebrate.


We grabbed a limo for the night so as not have to fight the traffic to say nothing of the alcohol issue. Given it was Allyn’s birthday I asked her to select a restaurant and she said SW Steakhouse at The Wynn. Awkwardly I had to turn her down saying I was not going to get a limo for a two block ride so I looked for a new deluxe place a ways away.


We opted for Michael’s Gourmet Room at South Point Casino. Who would have thought that a locals’ casino would have such a restaurant? The food, service and ambiance were all spectacular. We will be returning for certain.



Allyn made her best friend and daughter join her in wearing fascinators for the evening.



Bocelli was great of course.



The Grand Arena is a great venue in its own right. I need to go there more often.  

23 Nov 2014

Isaac Long's Bar Mitzvah


It’s always fun to celebrate simchas with family and friends. The youngest of my six great-nephew/nieces, Isaac has his during a beautiful Havdalah service.



Happy and Eli looked great as usual. Eli was sporting his new bowtie.



Eli is already in training for the family business.



Grandma Allyn may have had the best time. She was able to snag an uninterrupted two hours with Lucy.